Showcase: KoW Werewolves and Terrain, Skeleton Warriors (WIP)

Quickly painted up a unit of Werewolves for KoW (hate these sculpts!), finished some small movement tray decoration, and began working on two larger movement tray “fillers.” Still new to this whole rank and flank movement tray thing, but I’m certainly enjoying the “diorama” aspect it offers for hobbying!

WIP: Stalingrad Terrain, Walls

WIP shots of modular brick walls for Stalingrad. Base coats and mortar wash applied. First time painting brick mortar, so I’m happy with the progress so far!

Vallejo Black Primer
Vallejo Model Colour Hull Red, airbrushed thinned
Added Vallejo Air Stonewall Grey, airbrushed thinned for highlight patches. Quick passes and zenithal
Vallejo Game Color Terracotta, airbrushed thinned in patches.
Vallejo Air Stonewall Grey, applied as wash
Vallejo Model Air Model White, applied as wash
dabbed/lightly wiped off with a paper towel while wet between washes.