WIP: Late-War German Fallschirmjäger

Had a blast painting up a King Tiger recently, so I took the plunge and am getting ready to batch paint a late-war German Fallschirmjäger army. Experimenting with brick urban basing made from 1/48 styrene brick sheets. Need to pin and base all the metal minis next.


WIP: Project Stalingrad, Scatter Terrain Rubble

Too rainy outside to prime buildings, so here are some work-in-progress pictures of scatter terrain rubble piles for placing up against the sidewalls of buildings. For today, a wrecked Kübelwagen (Tamiya, 1/48) – more pieces to come. Just needs some bullet holes drilled in and primer, then it’s on to painting.

WIP: Project Stalingrad, Batch 3 Part 4

Been waiting on a couple cheap packs of Walthers HO scale Industrial Storage Tanks for my factory building. The kits are HO scale, but industrial piping, etc. is so varied in sizes that I think it works well as a scale-neutral option for 28mm terrain Kitbashed and glued in the first package this evening, along with a few other extras. Trying to find that sweet spot between detail, durability, and playability.

WIP: Cruel Seas Royal Navy Ships and Re-Based Plane

Wasn’t happy with the base that came with the airplane from the Royal Navy Fleet box for Cruel Seas, so I decided to try something different. 1/8″ acrylic rod superglued into a drilled out 60mm MDF base. Applied some layers of Vallejo Water Effects Texture (Pacific Blue) over airbrushed blues. Two layers so far with some wash and highlights applied between them. Needs some more highlights and wash after the next coat dries clear.