Showcase: Cruel Seas Airplane Re-Basing

Apologies for the iPhone photos. Wasn’t happy with the base that came with the British Bristol Beaufighter Mk Ic airplane from the Royal Navy Fleet box for Cruel Seas, so I decided to try something different. 1/8″ acrylic rod superglued into a drilled out 60mm MDF base. Applied some layers of Vallejo Water Effects Texture (Pacific Blue) over airbrushed blues, then I added some washes and highlights for waves. My first attempt at water effects, so I’m happy with the results. Still need to finish painting that boat though!


Tutorial: Bronze Statue

All-in-all, took about an hour (aside from dry times) to complete.

  1. Stynylrez Black Primer
  2. VMC bronze airbrushed on leaving the recesses dark
  3. Citadel Nuln Oil Gloss all over, followed by Matte Varnish
  4. Drybrush of VMC Bronze and VMA Aluminum mixed
  5. Citadel Nihilahk Oxide applied selectively in recessed and watered down on the model
  6. VMA Dead White airbrushed from above
  7. Citadel Valhallan Blizzard applied lightly.
  8. The plinth was various greys airbrushed on with the above bronze effect applied to decorative bits.
  9. The basing follows my previous tutorial.


Tutorial: House Stark Winter Frost Basing

If you’re looking to do a similar basing scheme, here’s what I did:

vallejo terrain paste stuff (forget the name)
various cheap sands and rocks applied with PVA on top
50/50 pva and what applied to the sand after it dries
black primer
vallejo air anthrocite grey base coat
vallejo air stonewall grey in patches
Vallejo Air Light Sea Blue with the Stonewall Grey in more patches
vallejo air dead white in even more patches
the tufts are army painter winter (can’t remember the name) with some white drybrushed over them.
the directional arrow and slots were just a layer or two of P3 Frostbite applied with a brush after everything.
black paint around base rim
matt varnish

**I’ve painted my miniatures first here and wish I hadn’t. It is much faster and cleaner to first  get as much basing done as possible**

I paid special attention to ultimately keeping the base slots as clean of texturing elements as possible – the blunt end of tweezers were helpful for scraping off stray basing material without gouging the plastic too much. The WIP photo below is before cleaning and shows all the sand, etc. you don’t want sticking around in the base slots. I didn’t paint the individual miniature base rims black as I really wanted to try and have the smoothest possible transition between minis and tray basing.

I used an airbrush, but i’m sure a brush could produce similar results with little effort.

Another tutorial I highly suggest can be found here!