Showcase: ASOIAF Tully Sworn Shields

Tried something a little different and left the metallics glossy. Might go back and matte varnish – haven’t decided. Airbrush air valve needed replacing, so the banner (and correct banner colours) still need to be done; however, I am calling these done for the time being.

Decided to go with mono-colour shields wherever there were no metallics breaking up the colours … looked a little too much like a popsicle if I didn’t.

Hobby tip: discovered (by accident) that, with a little gentle coaxing, the shield and shield-wielding-forearm pop off of the sculpts. Made for easier painting, both brush and airbrush. A bit of trimming and they slotted back in and were adhered with superglue. Results may vary, so no promises this won’t ruin your models! Worked for me though.

Included a Stark family portrait of progress so far.

Winter is coming …


WIP: Tully Sworn Shields, ASOIAF

Started base coats on a of Tully Sworn Shields for ASOIAF.

Need to replace the o-ring in my airbrush’s air valve, so not all the base colours are down (eg. blue on shields).

Colours so far …

Stynylrez Black Primer
Vallejo Game Air Stonewall Grey (Zenithal Highlight)

Blue Armour
Vallejo Model Air Steel Blue
Vallejo Game Air Cold Grey + Vallejo Model Air Steel Blue (50/50)
Army Painter Blue Tone Shade + Vallejo Thinner Medium (50/50)

Metallic Armour
Vallejo Model Air Black (Base)

Shield Red
Vallejo Game Air Stonewall Grey (Base)
Vallejo Game Air Dead White (Base Highlight)
Vallejo Model Color Red
Vallejo Model Air Scarlet Red (Highlight)

Shield White
Vallejo Game Air Stonewall Grey (Base)
Vallejo Game Air Dead White (Base Highlight)

Citadel Bugman’s Glow