Showcase: Stormsire’s Cursebreakers

Calling these done. Had the misfortune of splattering paint all over them in the process of going to matt varnish them … oops! Ended up with some quick and dirty painting over of those sections.

So, with this warband now completed, the core set for Nightvault is all painted up!


WIP: Warhammer Underworld: Nightvault, Pt. 1

Finally got a start on the two crews from the Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault starter. Sat in on a demo game at my FLGS and quite impressed with the ruleset. Looking forward to getting these on the table soon.

Nighthaunt base coats:
Badger Primer Grey
P3 Frostbite (cloak, from bottom)
Citadel Stegadon Scale Green (cloak, from top)
Vallejo Metal Color Gunmetal Grey (all metals)
Vallejo Sepia Ink (rope, wood)

Nighthaunt bases:
Vallejo Air Anthrocite Grey (base coat)
Vallejo Air Stonewall Grey (mixed in and highlighted)
Reaper Mint Green  (scattered highlight)

Stormcast Armour:
Badger Primer Grey
Vallejo Air Burnt Umber (undercoat for gold metallics)
Vallejo True Metal Gold (armour and metallics)
Citadel Reikland Fleshshade (wash airbrushed on)
Barefaced head cut from push-fit sprue and left separate for easier painting.

Next steps (Nighthaunt): base detailing, cloak edge highlights, rust up metallics, woods.
Next steps (Stormcast): paint cloak and shoulders red, highlight metallics, paint head.