Showcase: Blood Bowl Dwarf Team

Introducing my dwarf team for an upcoming Blood Bowl league, the Ham-Fisted Firemantles!


Sunday Gaming: Cruel Seas, Warpath, KoW

Pretty diverse day of gaming! Cruel Seas (1500 points, Royal Navy vs. Kriegsmarine), Warpath: Firefight (Forgefathers vs. GCPS), and Kings of War (1600 points, Undead vs. Halflings). Good times.


Showcase: Cruel Seas, Vosper MTBs

Four British mid/late Vosper MTBs all finished (minus flags) for Cruel Seas. The cloth mat here is from GW’s old naval game, Dreadfleet, and I think it works perfectly for now! These models were a nice, relaxed experience painting – very enjoyable! Now on to the rest of the Royal Navy Fleet boxset while I wait for my starter set and rulebook to arrive.


WIP: Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet, Pt. 3

GW Castellan Green – All over base coat.
GW Loren Forst – First highlight, leaving the edges fading into Castellan green.
GW Straken Green – Final, smaller highlight within each panel.
GW Balor Brown – Wooden planking (tested Vallejo Brown Ink and don’t like it)
Vallejo Metal Color Gunmetal Grey – Metallics
Vallejo Metal Color Gold – Stars
GW Seraphim Sepia – Wash, all over.

Next step: Brass metallics, metallic highlights, and water.