WIP: Atomic Gas Station

More terrain for post-apocalyptic good times.

Printed out a checkered pattern from Google and cut to shape for the floor. The floor paper is not glued down, both in preparation for painting and in case I decide to switch it out for something else.

Thought the rooftops looked a little plain, so I glued on corrugated paper in anticipation of painted them up to look like weathered, corrugated steel. Certainly not loving the MDF gas pumps – might need to order some resin bits the next time I’m feeling rich.

In hindsight, I wish I had not glued down the roof supports yet. I’m considering adding sandpaper to replicate asphalt and it will make it considerably harder to do the support beam there.


Showcase: Undead Graveyard

What undead apocalypse is complete without a spooky graveyard? Still trying to decide whether I want to go through the effort of more properly basing the tree armatures. If so, I’ll need to figure out a way to attach some moss or something to the trees.

Showcase: Gaslands

First car all done up for Gaslands!

My current list:

Prison Car 8
– Ram 4
– Caltrop dropper 1
– Molotov Cocktails 1
– Handgun 0
– Road warrior 2
– Fist of Steel 4
20 Cans
Prison car 8
– Heavy machine gun 4
– Molotov Cocktails 1
– Handgun 0
– Crowd Pleaser 1
14 Cans
Prison Car 8
– Flamethrower (front) 6
– Molotov Cocktails 1
– Handgun 0
– Crowd Pleaser 1
16 Cans
Total: 50 Cans
Sponsor: Warden


And next on the list … !

Showcase: Scratch-Built Billboard

Is it a billboard? Is it a drive-in-movie screen? Who knows. I finally got around to painting this scratch-built piece of terrain though.

What I did:

Poster image found on Google (here).
Resized image in Photoshop and printed off on a standard colour printer.
Glued it onto an old warhammer movement tray with dollar-store glue stick.
Airbrushed the hell out of the poster with varnish in the hopes it would stay put.
Dollar store dowelling for posts.
Some balsa sticks for the rest.
Tore off a corner of the poster.
Airbrush, washing, and drybrush with whatever looked like it would work.
Graffiti was just done freehand.
Base made out of same, old warhammer movement tray.
Grass tufts, vallejo earth goop, washes, and quick drybrush.