WIP: Atomic Gas Station

More terrain for post-apocalyptic good times.

Printed out a checkered pattern from Google and cut to shape for the floor. The floor paper is not glued down, both in preparation for painting and in case I decide to switch it out for something else.

Thought the rooftops looked a little plain, so I glued on corrugated paper in anticipation of painted them up to look like weathered, corrugated steel. Certainly not loving the MDF gas pumps – might need to order some resin bits the next time I’m feeling rich.

In hindsight, I wish I had not glued down the roof supports yet. I’m considering adding sandpaper to replicate asphalt and it will make it considerably harder to do the support beam there.



Showcase: Undead Graveyard

What undead apocalypse is complete without a spooky graveyard? Still trying to decide whether I want to go through the effort of more properly basing the tree armatures. If so, I’ll need to figure out a way to attach some moss or something to the trees.

Showcase: Gaslands

First car all done up for Gaslands!

My current list:

Prison Car 8
– Ram 4
– Caltrop dropper 1
– Molotov Cocktails 1
– Handgun 0
– Road warrior 2
– Fist of Steel 4
20 Cans
Prison car 8
– Heavy machine gun 4
– Molotov Cocktails 1
– Handgun 0
– Crowd Pleaser 1
14 Cans
Prison Car 8
– Flamethrower (front) 6
– Molotov Cocktails 1
– Handgun 0
– Crowd Pleaser 1
16 Cans
Total: 50 Cans
Sponsor: Warden


And next on the list … !