Showcase: Scratch-Built Billboard

Is it a billboard? Is it a drive-in-movie screen? Who knows. I finally got around to painting this scratch-built piece of terrain though.

What I did:

Poster image found on Google (here).
Resized image in Photoshop and printed off on a standard colour printer.
Glued it onto an old warhammer movement tray with dollar-store glue stick.
Airbrushed the hell out of the poster with varnish in the hopes it would stay put.
Dollar store dowelling for posts.
Some balsa sticks for the rest.
Tore off a corner of the poster.
Airbrush, washing, and drybrush with whatever looked like it would work.
Graffiti was just done freehand.
Base made out of same, old warhammer movement tray.
Grass tufts, vallejo earth goop, washes, and quick drybrush.