Tutorial: Bronze Statue

All-in-all, took about an hour (aside from dry times) to complete.

  1. Stynylrez Black Primer
  2. VMC bronze airbrushed on leaving the recesses dark
  3. Citadel Nuln Oil Gloss all over, followed by Matte Varnish
  4. Drybrush of VMC Bronze and VMA Aluminum mixed
  5. Citadel Nihilahk Oxide applied selectively in recessed and watered down on the model
  6. VMA Dead White airbrushed from above
  7. Citadel Valhallan Blizzard applied lightly.
  8. The plinth was various greys airbrushed on with the above bronze effect applied to decorative bits.
  9. The basing follows my previous tutorial.


Showcase: Bolt Action, Lenin Statue

A metal Lenin statue from eBay painted up for use as a terrain piece and/or objective marker. Forgot I had this lingering work in progress sitting on the shelf of shame and decided to give it a quick paint job.

My third attempt at painting Soviet statues (see first here, see second here) and I really tried to emphasize a winter aesthetic with this one. Still looking for a way to effectively show frost … considering using Titanium White pigment powder by Vallejo in the future.

Sadly, my iPhone apparently hates focusing on the state itself …