Showcase: KoW Zombies, Heroes (WIP)

Finally had time to do some painting this weekend and wasn’t going to waste it: finished up 40 zombies for my Undead Army and dug into the bits box to prep a Revenant King on Winged Pegasus, Revenant King on Undead Dragon, some movement tray fillers, and some characters.

WIP: 40k Death Company, AT Warhound Titans

Finally had time to paint! Fully magnetized and began basecoating a squad of Blood Angels Death Company for 40k. Read some of their fluff and just couldn’t resist painting them up! That said, it’s my first time airbrushing black and it has definitely been a trial and error process 😕 Also, magnetized and primed some soon-to-be Legio Atarus Warhound Titans for my Adeptus Titanicus maniple.