WIP: Stalingrad Terrain, Batch 2 Pt.1

Unexpectedly came into possession of a massive bag of modular plastic terrain, originally for Fantasy Flight’s OOP game “Dust Tactics.” Thought it’d make for a nice end-piece on a table and, subsequently, be ideal for siege/defend scenarios in Bolt Action. Tractor factory? Staling train station? Berlin building? Who knows.

Checking the width – just over three feet in width! Perfect. As a table end-piece, it seemed practical to leave the building open on the backside and maximize its width.

Testing out proof-of-concept for how the building will look. Cut down and slotted in plasticard for floors. Will need some supports and minor walls inside. Cut up some more plasticard to line the edge of the roof. Trying to decide how to build up the edge to allow for cover.

Next steps:

Glue everything together, find an MDF base to stick it down to, chips away and bullet holes to rough it up a bit, cover inside walls with index card paper, cut out and insert inner walls, build up roof edge cover (sandbags?), glue down balsa wood and/or popsicle sticks on wood floors(?), apply sandpaper to roof for texture.