WIP: Frost Sabres (aka. Fenrisian Wolves)

Not a fan of the resin Frost Sabres, so I run Fenrisian Wolves for my Beastclaw Raiders army. Base layers are down and getting ready for washes next.

Painting process has so far been a variation on this video series by Next Level Painting:

VMA Black – all over
70/30’ish VGA Magic Blue and VMA Black – all over
VGA Stonewall Grey – Airbrush legs, snout, ears, under tail, and belly
VGA Dead White – Airbrushed highlight on grey areas.
VMA Black – Airbrush along ridge of back and down onto tops of curves of legs.
70/30’ish VGA Magic Blue and VMA Black – Drybrush fur.
VGA Stonewall Grey – Drybrush fur.
VMA Black – Paint nose and eye sockets.
GW Pink Horror – Paint gums, tongue, and inside of mouth.
VGA Dead White – Paint teeth.