Tutorial: House Stark Winter Frost Basing

If you’re looking to do a similar basing scheme, here’s what I did:

vallejo terrain paste stuff (forget the name)
various cheap sands and rocks applied with PVA on top
50/50 pva and what applied to the sand after it dries
black primer
vallejo air anthrocite grey base coat
vallejo air stonewall grey in patches
Vallejo Air Light Sea Blue with the Stonewall Grey in more patches
vallejo air dead white in even more patches
the tufts are army painter winter (can’t remember the name) with some white drybrushed over them.
the directional arrow and slots were just a layer or two of P3 Frostbite applied with a brush after everything.
black paint around base rim
matt varnish

**I’ve painted my miniatures first here and wish I hadn’t. It is much faster and cleaner to first  get as much basing done as possible**

I paid special attention to ultimately keeping the base slots as clean of texturing elements as possible – the blunt end of tweezers were helpful for scraping off stray basing material without gouging the plastic too much. The WIP photo below is before cleaning and shows all the sand, etc. you don’t want sticking around in the base slots. I didn’t paint the individual miniature base rims black as I really wanted to try and have the smoothest possible transition between minis and tray basing.

I used an airbrush, but i’m sure a brush could produce similar results with little effort.

Another tutorial I highly suggest can be found here!



Showcase: ASOIAF Stark Sworn Swords and Summer

Finished up Stark Sworn Swords and Bran Stark’s direwolf, Summer. For the most part, I like the models and am pleased with how they came out with not much effort.

I wish the model bases sat flush with the tray (as opposed to curved along the edges). I would much prefer a more consistent “diorama” look instead of the distinct dips around each base.

Really, really dislike the sculpts for both Summer and Greywind – these are the best they could come up with? Soft detailing and lacklustre pose for each. The only two sculpts I’m seriously unimpressed by.

Vallejo Deck Tan

P3 Frostbite (Final Highlight)

Leather Straps:
Vallejo Air Burnt Umber
Vallejo Air Earth (Highlight)

Vallejo Air Earth

Vallejo Metal Color Gunmetal Grey
Citadel Nuln Oil Gloss
Vallejo Air Aluminum (Highlight, drybrush)

GW Bugman’s Glow
GW Reikland Fleshshade
GW Cadian Fleshtone (Highlight)
Vallejo Air Burnt Umber (Facial Hair)
Vallejo Air Earth (Facial Hair Highlight)