WIP: Project Stalingrad, Scatter Terrain Rubble

Too rainy outside to prime buildings, so here are some work-in-progress pictures of scatter terrain rubble piles for placing up against the sidewalls of buildings. For today, a wrecked Kübelwagen (Tamiya, 1/48) – more pieces to come. Just needs some bullet holes drilled in and primer, then it’s on to painting.

WIP: Atomic Gas Station

More terrain for post-apocalyptic good times.

Printed out a checkered pattern from Google and cut to shape for the floor. The floor paper is not glued down, both in preparation for painting and in case I decide to switch it out for something else.

Thought the rooftops looked a little plain, so I glued on corrugated paper in anticipation of painted them up to look like weathered, corrugated steel. Certainly not loving the MDF gas pumps – might need to order some resin bits the next time I’m feeling rich.

In hindsight, I wish I had not glued down the roof supports yet. I’m considering adding sandpaper to replicate asphalt and it will make it considerably harder to do the support beam there.


Showcase: Village Gate Terrain

Did a quick and dirty wash job on an eBay special kid’s toy (found here). Put it together wrong, so it only ended up with one roof.

For those curious …

Used primarily Army Painter Red Tone and Vallejo Black Ink. Mixed up various paints watered down to try and add some variation. Everything was airbrushed on and I didn’t worry too much about overspray.

The original after assembly:

Review: “Orion Tide – Hangar 07 Bases” by Top Down Terrain

I recently ordered a set of 29 “Orion Tide – Hangar 07 Bases” from Top Down Terrain. The base set is MDF and include 2x5mm, 5x40mm, and 22x25mm (along with four clear circular pieces are included for those different model poses). Total price came to 24.99$USD after tracked shipping to Canada and arrived in about two weeks.
Bought for use with Infinity, but I can see them aesthetically complimenting a number of different gaming systems.The etched detailing looks crisp and is begging for paint. The bases might be a little too clean for games requiring a more grimdark aesthetic, such as Necromunda Underhive.

One cool feature is that Top Down Terrain makes a matching “Orion Tide – Hangar 07 Display Stage w/ Tournament Drawer” if you ever want to make your army into a display diorama in between games. It seems a little pricey, but this luxury product sure does look fantastic if and when you have the extra cash to spend on making your army look its best.

Overall impression:

Quite impressed. Custom bases are never a necessary purchase to play; however, it’s always nice when you can make your army basing look great relatively affordably. It’s nice to have the added benefit of your army basing being diorama compatible down the road if you ever wish to invest more.