Insurgent Force Completed

Finished(?) up the Insurgent force I’ve had sitting on my pile of shame for ages.Meant for use in Skirmish Sangin and/or Specter Operations Not pictured are two sculpts: a sniper and another machine gun. Mix of Empress Miniatures and Specter Operations. The truck is a repainted cheap die-cast car in, I believe, 1/43 scale.

Lots of fun painting!

The recipe for the bases:

Base: Vallejo Grey Primer
Vallejo Pale Sand (all over)
Baneblade brown (stippled)
Vallejo Stonewall Grey (dry brush on rocks)
White (dry brush on rocks)
GW Sepia wash (undiluted, soak up extra)
Vallejo Stonewall Grey (dry brush on rocks)
Gamers Grass Beige Wild Tufts

Showcase: KoW Werewolves and Terrain, Skeleton Warriors (WIP)

Quickly painted up a unit of Werewolves for KoW (hate these sculpts!), finished some small movement tray decoration, and began working on two larger movement tray “fillers.” Still new to this whole rank and flank movement tray thing, but I’m certainly enjoying the “diorama” aspect it offers for hobbying!