Showcase: Chinese Captured Type 95 Ha-Go

Finished up a Captured Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go tank for my Bolt Action army, the Chinese 8th Route Army.

Taking inspiration from this historical photo, I’ve marked the side of the tank with the traditional characters 突擊 (tūjī in pinyin). For more on the meaning of this phrase, see here.

If I ever get motivated, I’ll likely strap some bamboo poles and a tarp onto the exterior as well.

Showcase: Village Gate Terrain

Did a quick and dirty wash job on an eBay special kid’s toy (found here). Put it together wrong, so it only ended up with one roof.

For those curious …

Used primarily Army Painter Red Tone and Vallejo Black Ink. Mixed up various paints watered down to try and add some variation. Everything was airbrushed on and I didn’t worry too much about overspray.

The original after assembly: