Showcase: Aeronautica Imperialis Ground Assets

Loving these minis! I sure am hoping to see it integrated with Adeptus Titanicus 🤞


WIP: Imperial Knights and Armiger Warglaives, Pt. 3

Haven’t decided if and how I want to incorporate red. The white is highlighted up from Vallejo Game Air Cold Grey with more Vallejo Game Air Dead White added upon each layer. Not sure I’m loving the white on the leg panels. Seems to lack pop and wash out the overall aesthetic. Might switch to red. We’ll see. Armiger torsos, arms, and armour panels still need washes and some drybrushing. For the knights, I added blue to the side metal boxes. Still need to go back in and cover up a bit of overspray – oops.


WIP: Frost Sabres (aka. Fenrisian Wolves)

Not a fan of the resin Frost Sabres, so I run Fenrisian Wolves for my Beastclaw Raiders army. Base layers are down and getting ready for washes next.

Painting process has so far been a variation on this video series by Next Level Painting:

VMA Black – all over
70/30’ish VGA Magic Blue and VMA Black – all over
VGA Stonewall Grey – Airbrush legs, snout, ears, under tail, and belly
VGA Dead White – Airbrushed highlight on grey areas.
VMA Black – Airbrush along ridge of back and down onto tops of curves of legs.
70/30’ish VGA Magic Blue and VMA Black – Drybrush fur.
VGA Stonewall Grey – Drybrush fur.
VMA Black – Paint nose and eye sockets.
GW Pink Horror – Paint gums, tongue, and inside of mouth.
VGA Dead White – Paint teeth.